About Us

About Us

GIGA ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA (GEM) is an innovative media and entertainment technology company that has evolved over the years. We have stayed true toward enhancing the ordinary mobile screen viewing experience and making it extraordinary. Finding content is easy, but at GEM, we know people want more. More interaction with friends, more integration with social media, more opportunities to multitask and more is what we give them through our innovative, interactive multi-screen applications.

Our Services


We offer a wide variety of media content for you stream or either create yourself.


Utilizing our picture and picture technology, we can offer you a digital experience like no other.


Through our multiple applications, we offer you to stay fully in touch in the entertainment environment. On top of fully engaging you and your own content in the social media sphere.

Our Mission

Our Technology provides easier ways to multitask, get your point across and make you laugh! We continue to take the static viewing experience and turn it into something dynamic by enhancing our multitasking capabilities and our ability to put a face to the new universal language of the internet. Technology has advanced significantly over the last two decades, allowing a new and exciting form of media to erupt-social media. With Selfeo, Viewer, GIGANETV and all that is to come, we have hit the nail on the head.